For Parents

If you are a parent whose child is attending Outdoor Science School, we have some information that may be helpful to you. There are a few ways to access the information. You can go to our page of frequently asked questions. Or, you can pick a topic from the list below. If you have questions that are not answer here on the web site, please ask your child's teacher, or contact the Outdoor Science School site your child is attending. Phone numbers and email addresses are available on our contact numbers at the bottom of the page.

Packing List
The following checklist of clothing and equipment will help you as you pack. Your child will be hiking, sitting on the ground, and playing active games. Please don't send anything you would not want to get dirty. Older but servicable clothing is best. We urge you not to buy new clothing or footwear. New items can be uncomfortable and may need "breaking in". Since space on the bus is limited, please plan your child's luggage to include only a sleeping bag or bedroll and one duffle bag or suitcase. To prevent loss, please mark all luggage and clothing with your child's name.

Sample Menu
Students meet at the dining hall for breakfast and dinner. The head cook, John Bard, is a Certified Executive Chef and was trained at the Culinary Institute of America.  There is a salad bar at every dinner, and at Monday lunch.

Student Lodging at Wrightwood Outdoor Science School
Click here to see student lodging facilities at Outdoor Science School.

Visiting the Outdoor Science School
Parents or Guardians interested in touring the Wrightwood Outdoor Science School site may set up a guided tour through their child's school. The school will then set up a date sometime prior to the trip to outdoor science school on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday with all interested parents. Please contact your child's school. You may not visit the outdoor school during the week your child is in attendance.

Sending Mail to Your Child
Students love getting mail when they are away from home at Outdoor Science School.  We encourage you to send letters and postcards to them.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most common questions parent ask about Outdoor Science School.

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