Reservations for the current school year may be made at any time. There are often excellent dates available in the calendar throughout the year. The reservation calendar is subject to change–the best source of information is to contact the Outdoor Science School office by telephone to discuss available dates. 

Advance reservations

Advance reservations for the upcoming school year begin in the spring–usually in March and April. A sign-up priority list allows schools to make early reservations. Please contact Michelle Ramirez in the Outdoor Science School office (562-922-6330) to inquire about advance reservations.

Contact and Information List

Interested schools may be placed on an email distribution list that will include updates and sign-up information. Please contact Michelle Ramirez at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (562-922-6330) to be placed on the list.

Sign-up Tips

  • Have a reasonable estimate of how many students might be attending when you contact us. You may call the Outdoor Science School office or send an email.
  • Check your district calendars so that you know what holidays might conflict with available weeks at Outdoor Science School.
  • Have several dates in mind when you contact us to look for a date to attend. The Outdoor Science School operates at two locations, one in the mountains and one on the coast. Each site has particular charm and appeal. One or the other site may have available weeks that best match your needs.

Contract and confirmation letter

A contract that outlines the agreements and responsibilities of the Outdoor Science School and the participating school will be sent to your school district. This contract includes a variety of information that is important to the participating school. A copy of the contract template can be viewed here. (link to pdf) Please check with your school district to be sure that the contract has been received, approved, and executed. If you have any questions about the contract, please contact the Outdoor Science School office at 562-922-6330.

A Confirmation Letter will be sent to the participating school after your reservation is made. This confirmation letter will confirm your dates of attendance and the expected number of students participating. An administrator of the participating school, authorized to confirm the intent to participate, must sign this confirmation letter and return it to the Outdoor Science School office. The confirmation letter may be scanned and returned via email or sent via jet mail or USPS mail. A copy of the confirmation letter template can be viewed here. (link to pdf)

 How do I make payment?

After your visit to the Outdoor Science School, an invoice will be prepared and sent to your school. Please watch for and direct this invoice to the appropriate department. There is no fee for a reasonable number of teachers and cabin leaders.


Michelle Ramirez
Projet Secretary
Email: ramirez_michelle [at] lacoe [dot] edu
Telephone: 562-922-6330

Gary Widdison, Project Director
Outdoor and Marine Field Studies
Email: widdison_gary [at] lacoe [dot] edu
Telephone: 562-922-6330

Click here for the  Informational Bulletin describing additional details about the Outdoor Science School and Marine Science Floating Laboratory programs.


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