How to Apply

Step 1 - Site Selection

Decide which outdoor science school site matches your education, training and experience. You are welcome to apply at both sites.

  • Colby Ranch—A montane-chaparral location in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles, site of the original Los Angeles County Outdoor School.

  • Wrightwood—A mountain site near a small town in a forest with interesting geologic features and a 4-season climate—including snow.

Step 2 - Required  Application Materials

Complete the Online Application. The online application provides space to provide Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School administrators with information about your interest and qualifications for working at the Outdoor Science School.

NOTE: You might want to review the items that are part of the application and write your responses offline. When you feel your responses are complete it may be an easier task to copy and paste specific responses into the online application where appropriate.

The Online Application contains.

  1. Personal Data

    • Name

    • Current address

    • Email address

    • Phone number

    • Position applying for

    • Site applying for (one or both sites)

  2. Cover Letter

    • Your cover letter should provide information on your expertise beyond your resume. Provide information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for and to explain the reasons for your interest in working with students at the Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School. You can type your cover letter in the field below and the field will expand to accommodate your text.

  3. Resumé

    • Professional Summary

      • Enter a brief description of your professional background. You can choose to highlight specific skills, knowledge or experience in outdoor education.

    • Qualifications

      • List 3 to 4 skills that make you suited for work at the Outdoor Science School.

    • Work Experience

      • Enter details about what you did in your previous jobs. Start with your responsibilities, but also include results and achievements.

    • Educational Background

      • Enter colleges, universities, or training programs that you have attended. Be sure to list your degrees earned.

    • Other Relevant Experience(s)

    • Certifications

      • Enter any licenses, credentials, or other certifications that make you qualified to work at the Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School.

    • Affiliations

      • Enter any professional organizations that you are involved in.

  4. Personal Background Information

    • Your present goals

    • First Aid certification

    • Your health and physical condition

    • Availability

    • Experience with elementary students

    • Experience with camping, hiking, nature study, etc.

    • Ability and experience with music

    • Ability and experience in group games, free time, etc.

    • Describe your philosophy of discipline or methods. What methods work for you?

    • Experience with ethnically diverse students

    • On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on your suitability for this Naturalist position. Add an explanation of your rating if you wish.

  5. Transcripts

    • Complete the application process by scanning and forwarding PDF (portable document format) copies of your transcripts. Send copies of your scanned transcripts to "applications [at] outdoorscienceschool [dot] org."

  6. References

    • Provide three references to contact by phone or email.

    • Letters of reference may also be included.

NOTE: This information is repeated at the top of the Online Application

Step 3 – Interview

 If, after review, your paperwork shows a good fit with our program, we will contact for an interview. 

  • An in-person interview will be conducted so we can meet you, and you can meet us. We like applicants to see our program in operation.

  • The interview includes you presenting a short teaching demonstration with our students, to show us your teaching style.

  • If you don't live in the state, we can do a preliminary phone interview to see if we would like to proceed further.


Shaun Hawke, Lead Teacher, Colby Ranch Outdoor Science School
Kathleen Mitchell, Lead Teacher, Wrightwood Outdoor Science School