Field Guides

RT Hawk, Lead Naturalist at the Wrightwood Outdoor Science School, is credited in the acknowledgements section of an excellent new field guide: Southern California Mountains Wildflowers. Check out the text below, taken from the acknowledgements (p. vii).

"We both especially want to thank RT Hawk for taking us on so many whirlwind botanical excursions, both to the San Bernardino Mountains and later to the San Gabriel Range. RT knows exactly where and when everything is blooming, and many of our photographs, especially of rare taxa, were taken on trips where he led us. We always enjoy his and his wife Shaun's company and friendship, and were delighted with their enthusiasm and natural curiosity about plants and all things natural history. RT also contributed ideas for topics in this book's introduction section."

The Outdoor Science School is lucky to have RT as a lead part of our team! Kudos to RT!

By the way, RT was also acknowledged in another Falcon field guide:: Mojave Desert Wildflowers

Think Earth Foundation

The Think Earth Foundation has a long history of sharing environmental education resources with schools. In our work at LACOE Outdoor and Marine Science Field Study, they have been an excellent and long time collaborator to bring more and better environmental science education to more kids. Check out the website and share this information with your colleagues in grades K-3. Refer back from time to time as additional resources are added for additional grade levels.