Every Kid In A Park


Marvel at the St. Louis Arch, the Florida Keys, and the Frederick Douglass house. Listen to wolves howl. Walk in dinosaur tracks. Look up into the inky night sky, and reach for the stars! These sites belong to all of us — including you.

Every Kid in a Park was created so fourth graders and their families could discover our wildlife, resources, and history … for free.

Get your pass

Teachers can download classroom activities and apply for passes for all fourth-graders. As a fourth-grade educator, you can download an activity and print paper passes for each of your students.

This program only provides passes for fourth graders. Each student receives a paper pass with a unique code. That pass gives them free access to all national parks, lands, and waters through August 31, 2018.

Printed copies (not electronic copies) are required when you visit. A pass has a unique code so it can’t be copied and shared. All fourth-grader can get their own passes.

Plan a trip

It’s a good ideas to involve parents/guardian in the planning

Hit the road!

Enjoy national parks, lands and waters for a full year.

More Help

Here is a helpful Web site for planning your trip: Every Kid in a Park