Outdoor Science School Rules

The Nitty Gritty of Our Rules System

The 3 Main Goals of Outdoor Science School

  1. Everyone learns a LOT
  2. No one gets hurt
  3. Everyone has fun!

To make sure we reach these goals, we have well-defined rules and a series of logical consequences.

The 10 Rules of Outdoor Science School

  1. Respect Everyone and Everything (our most important rule)
  2. No rough-housing, horseplay or fighting (including pillow fights & snowball fights!)
  3. Always stay with your group (Students never go anywhere alone--always in partners at least)
  4. Always walk (No running)
  5. No food, gum or candy (we feed students well at meals and have snacks on the trail as well)
  6. Stay on pathways (walk in lines to protect yourselves, plants and soil--no trail shortcuts please)
  7. Wear shoes at all times (even in cabins--protect your feet!)
  8. No walking sticks (they can cause injuries in groups)
  9. No throwing anything (including snow!!)
  10. Phones and electronics for students are prohibited!

Consequences for Breaking the Rules

On the Trail Number System

Naturalists use the number system when students break rules on trail. The numbers are additive - that is, if a student gets a "1" for throwing, and later they are talking out of turn, they will then get a "2."

Each Day is a New Day - Unless the transgression occurred in the evening, each student will start fresh each day.

  1. Verbal warning, restatement of rule
  2. 10-minute time-out
  3. Referral to classroom teacher, miss an activity (such as cabin time)
  4. Miss activity/call home
  5. Go home - call your parents to come pick you up

In the Cabins Colors System

Cabin leaders use colors rather than numbers.

Green = everything's okay

Yellow = verbal warning (caution)

Red = 10-minute time-out, or referral to teachers (stop)

After that, refer to classroom teachers for contract, conference, etc.

Automatic "3s" / Automatic Referrals

  • Throwing food
  • Fights
  • Invading other people's personal space
  • Touching emergency equipment
  • Cabin Raids (Don't go into other cabins--stay in same gender areas)**
  • **Cabin Raids are at least a 3, and can be a 4 or 5 based on the circumstances.

We exercise discretion about sending students home.  Some things cannot be tolerated at all: e.g. running away, violence, any behavior that could be dangerous to self or others.