Packing List

What to Pack

The following checklist of clothing and equipment will help you as you pack. Your child will be hiking, sitting on the ground, and playing active games. Please don't send anything you would not want to get dirty. Older but servicable clothing is best. We urge you not to buy new clothing or footwear. New items can be uncomfortable and may need "breaking in". Since space on the bus is limited, please plan your child's luggage to include only a sleeping bag or bedroll and one duffle bag or suitcase. To prevent loss, please mark all luggage and clothing with your child's name.

Necessary Basics

Sleeping bag or bedroll (sheets and blanket)

Warm coat or jacket

Two pair sturdy shoes

  • One pair of hiking or work boots (old ones may cause fewer blisters)

  • One pair of sneakers (two pair if no other option)

Six pairs of socks (at least 3 heavy, if possible)

Three pairs of long pants

Five shirts (at least two long-sleeved)

Warm sweater or sweatshirt

Five changes of underwear

One set of bed clothes (pajamas, sweats, shorts and t-shirt, etc.)

Bath towel and washcloth

Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, chapstick, etc.)

Water bottle or canteen

Pencil or pen

Paper for letters

Winter Weather Items
If your child is attending one of our mountain sites (Wrightwood or Blue Sky Meadow) during the winter (November through March), please add the following items.

Hat, gloves, and scarf

Raincoat and rainpants, or waterproof poncho

Warm, waterproof boots

Six extra pairs of socks

Long underwear or thermals

Three more pants

Three more layerable shirts and/or sweaters

Hot Weather Items
If your child is attending Outdoor Science School during early fall or late spring, please add the following items.

Airy, brimmed hat or cap

Sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF 15 at least)

Insect repellent

Two pairs of shorts

Optional Items
These often come in handy, but are not required.

Day pack

Raincoat and rainpants, or waterproof poncho


Camera and supplies (film, batteries, etc.)



Letter writing materials (paper & envelope or postcard, stamps)

Site Specific Items
If your child is attending Outdoor Science School at Malibu, they will be investigating marine and aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, please include:

Water shoes, or old athletic shoes for water use

Prohibited Items

  • No hair dryers or curling irons

  • No money, jewelry, or valuables

  • No cell phones

  • No toys or games

  • No tanktops, halters, croptops, midriffs

  • No radios, or CD, MP3, tape players

  • No knives

  • No aerosols

  • No candy, gum, or food