Malibu Outdoor Science School Sample Menu

Students meet at the dining hall for breakfast and dinner. The head cook, John Bard, is a Certified Executive Chef and was trained at the Culinary Institute of America.  There is a salad bar at every dinner, and at Monday lunch.

Meals are served "Family style". Each student gets an opportunity to be on meal duty at least once during the week. For that meal, they are responsible for setting the table, carrying the food from the kitchen, and clearing the table at the end of the meal.

Dietary Restrictions

Our kitchen staff works hard to serve excellent food to all students. If your child has dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate in ways that we are able.  Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options are available. We also have peanut and nut-free options. If the student has allergies to common foods or medical dietary needs not covered above, bringing items that are already prepared to supplement our menu is recommended.  Please have your school contact Lead Teacher Shaun Hawke with any special dietary needs not discussed above.

Monday Breakfast



Nut-Free Environment
Italics=gluten free and vegetarian

Monday Lunch

Salad Bar
Five Cheese Pizza
Chilled Applesauce
Lemonade, Water

GF Cheese Pizza
Veggie Cheeseless Pizza

Monday Dinner

Salad Bar
Hawaiian Chicken
Classic Rice Pilaf
Buttered Peas & Carrots
Cold Punch, Water
Apple Dumplings

Plain Chicken/No Glaze
Stuffed Zucchini

Tuesday Breakfast

Cold Cereal with Milk
Pancakes with Syrup
Turkey Bacon
Fresh Whole Fruit
Apple Juice, Water

GF Pancakes

Tuesday Lunch

Roast Turkey
Swiss Cheese
Whole Wheat Bread
Carrot Sticks
Pretzel Twists
Fresh Red Apple
Cinnamon Crunch Bars


GF Wheat Bread

Tuesday Dinner

Salad Bar
Spaghetti Marinara with Meat Sauce
Steamed Broccoli
Garlic Bread
Cold Punch, Water
Strawberry Italian Ice

GF Pasta and Garlic Bread
Veggie Marinara Sauce


Wednesday Breakfast

Cold Cereal with Milk
Scrambled Eggs
Crispy Hash Browns and Ketchup
Fresh Whole Fruit
Orange Juice, Water

Wednesday Lunch

Beef Salami
Cheddar Cheese
Wheat Pita Bread
Celery Sticks
Corn Tortilla Chips
Fresh Whole Orange
Fig Newton Bars

Gf Wheat Bread

Wednesday Dinner

Salad Bar
Stir-fried Chicken
Asian Vegetables
Sticky White Rice
Cold Punch, Water
Fudge Brownies

Plain Chicken and Veggies
Roasted Tofu

Thursday Breakfast

Cold Cereal with Milk
French Toast with Syrup
Turkey Sausage
Fresh Whole Fruit
Apple Juice, Water

GF French Toast

Thursday Lunch


Thursday Dinner

Salad Bar
Beef Soft Tacos
Flour Tortilla
Lettuce and Tomato
Cheese and Salsa
Refried Beans
Cold Punch, Water
Warm Cinnmon Churros

Soy Protein Tacos

Friday Breakfast

Cold Cereal with Milk
Warm Coffee Cake
Hard Boiled Eggs
Fresh Whole Fruit
Orange Juice, Water

GF Doughnut/Muffin

Friday Lunch

Sliced Water Bagels with Cream Cheese
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Apple Juice

GF Bagel

Friday Dinner