Students love getting mail when they are away from home at Outdoor Science School.  We encourage you to send letters and postcards to them.

How To Send Mail

Through School Teachers:
On Monday when you drop your child off at school, you can hand your cards or letters to one of the teachers attending Outdoor Science School with your child.  You don't need a full address, but be sure to put your child's name on the envelope.

U.S. Post Office:
You may also send mail through the postal service. Since the Outdoor Science School is in the mountains, it sometimes takes several days for mail to arrive.  It is best to mail letters the weekend before your child leaves for OSS.  Letters mailed on Monday may not arrive until after your child is already back home!  Address your letters to:

Child's Name, Child's School
LACOSS - Wrightwood
P.O. Box 1561
Wrightwood, CA 92397-1561

What Happens to Late Mail?
Any letters which arrive after the students return home on Friday are marked "Return to Sender" and sent back to the post office. For this reason, be sure to include a return address on the envelope. Since the post office does not return post cards, unfortunately we have no choice but to recycle them.

What Not to Send
Please do not send any prohibited items (food, candy, gum, money, valuables, etc). Occasionally, parents send up a "Care Package" with cookies, candy, and other items the kids are not supposed to have. When we get those packages, the students open them in our presence. Any prohibited items are taken from the student and returned on Friday as they leave for the return trip to school. Since it's inconvenient for us and doesn't really benefit your child, please do not send "Care Packages" or any prohibited items.