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What Does the Wrightwood Outdoor Science School Offer?
Wrightwood Outdoor Science School is a unique experience.  We are here to offer you a week-long science program designed to fit your needs.  Any specific topics, skills, or development activities that you would like covered during the week?  Just mention them to our Principal and Naturalist Instructors, and we can design our program just for you!

Packing List
Here is a Packing List for you, so that you will be prepared and comfortable for the week, as well as a suggested packing list for the visitors under your wing (students and cabin leaders).  If you have any questions about what to bring, don't hesitate to contact us!



Teacher Facilities at Outdoor Science School
At Wrightwood Outdoor Science School, the teacher accomodation is known as the Huddle Hut.  The Huddle Hut is a large, two-story cozy white and green house with numerous bedrooms, a large open living room with a fireplace, full kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.  The infirmary is located in a room attached the Huddle Hut, making it easy for teachers to attend to or check on students without having to travel to another building.  The Huddle Hut is nestled in the forest within easy walking distance to the Dining Hall, student cabins, and Smith Hall.


The Daily Schedule
Click the link to see a typical schedule at Outdoor Science School.





Sample Menu
While you are at Wrightwood, our dining service will provide you with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and two or three Snacks per day.  No need to bring your own food!  Click the link for the sample menus to see what we may offer for each meal. 




Common Situations at Outdoor Science School
This sections contains brief descriptions of the most common issues we encounter at Outdoor Science School, and a few tried-and-true pointers on how to effectively deal with them.  Remember - our staff has heaps of experience with these issues and is always here to help out.  If ever you need anything, just ask!



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