Calling all California K-12 students, parents, and teachers!  

   The above artwork is from a piece by Emily Lui, an honorable mention in the 2017 contest

The above artwork is from a piece by Emily Lui, an honorable mention in the 2017 contest

It's time to enter the Coastal Art & Poetry Contest!

Let our coast and ocean inspire you! Win great prizes!
Have your work featured online and exhibited throughout California! 

California students in kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to submit artwork or poetry with a California coastal or marine theme to the annual Coastal Art & Poetry Contest.

Entries must be postmarked by January 31, 2018 to be eligible for the upcoming contest. For rules and entry form (and helpful links for teachers and students), visit our website or email You can also download a contest flyer.

Up to ten winners will be selected to win $100 gift certificates to an art supply store (for artists) or book store (for poets). Each winner's sponsoring teacher will receive a $50 gift certificate for educational supplies, courtesy of Acorn Naturalists . All winners and their teacher will receive tickets to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, courtesy of the Aquarium. Students may have their work featured on Commission web pages and materials, and winners and honorable mentions will be exhibited throughout the state.

NEW! California Academy of Sciences is offering a FREE program to inspire classrooms preparing for the Coastal Art & Poetry Contest. During this virtually interactive program, Academy museum educators will teach methods of how scientists create and use art, as well as showcase other styles of art from early pioneering naturalists to the contemporary artists of our time. Programs will be offered for grades K-3 on November 30 or December 15 and for grades 4-12 on November 8 or December 1, on all days at both 9:10am and 10:10am. Teachers should visit to learn more and to register! Space is limited.

Judging assistance is graciously provided by Chapman University's Tabula Poetica program.

Looking forward to your entries! In the meantime, see you on social media:

Field Guides

RT Hawk, Lead Naturalist at the Wrightwood Outdoor Science School, is credited in the acknowledgements section of an excellent new field guide: Southern California Mountains Wildflowers. Check out the text below, taken from the acknowledgements (p. vii).

"We both especially want to thank RT Hawk for taking us on so many whirlwind botanical excursions, both to the San Bernardino Mountains and later to the San Gabriel Range. RT knows exactly where and when everything is blooming, and many of our photographs, especially of rare taxa, were taken on trips where he led us. We always enjoy his and his wife Shaun's company and friendship, and were delighted with their enthusiasm and natural curiosity about plants and all things natural history. RT also contributed ideas for topics in this book's introduction section."

The Outdoor Science School is lucky to have RT as a lead part of our team! Kudos to RT!

By the way, RT was also acknowledged in another Falcon field guide:: Mojave Desert Wildflowers

Think Earth Foundation

The Think Earth Foundation has a long history of sharing environmental education resources with schools. In our work at LACOE Outdoor and Marine Science Field Study, they have been an excellent and long time collaborator to bring more and better environmental science education to more kids. Check out the website and share this information with your colleagues in grades K-3. Refer back from time to time as additional resources are added for additional grade levels.